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Credit Repair & Solution has been serving Americans by delivering the most quick, efficient, and affordable credit repair services for over 10 years. Get approved for large loans without any credit checks/Requirements or having to make any payments for the first 5 years. No money needed to start. Get approved for Loans anywhere from $1,000-$20,000 along with many other services.
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Apply for loans from anywhere up to $20,000 and don’t worry about making payments for the next 5 years. No credit checks or money needed to start.

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What People Says About Credit Card Repair and Solution
“Thank You Credit card & solutions for raising my credit score to 770 in 12 months. I am happy to finally say that our dreams of owning a nice home have finally came true.”
Alen Devonate
Mary S.
“We provided Karla with a credit and debt solution after she was harassed by her creditors for multiple late payments. We also helped Mary with a great budget to work with which enabled her to move into a better home and put her children in better community”
Karla Alisha
" It was popularised in the release more recently with desktop publish software like including versions. If you are going to use a passage of you need to be sure there generators on the tend chunks as making this the first true on the Internet. "
Kiv Peterson
Consulting Manger
“Peter fell ill and had to give up work. Inevitably, the bills piled up until he couldn't cope. He decided he could no longer do it on his own and called creditcardandsolution for help. We helped him develop a budget, then offered him a debt solution that allowed him to pay back his debts at an amount he decided he could afford.”
Peter Franklin

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